This year, centdegrés comes back to Cosmoprof India with a new original concept. Taking inspiration from the Indian culture and its myriad of treasures, the 2019 experience triggers our senses with a focus on sight, touch and scent.

India is recognized around the world for its great variety of beautiful fabrics and patterns coming from each region. India is also known to be the home of a multitude of scents. This year, we chose to associate fabrics, patterns and scents from three regions of India to create an original and curious experience: The Scented Fabric Play! 

The wall was constituted of three parts based on three regions of India: Kerala, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.
Each region is associated with one ingredient/scent and one fabric that come from that particular region. Karnataka with Jasmin and Mysore Silk, Kerala with Mundum Neriyathum and black pepper and finally Uttar Pradesh with Vetiver and Chikankari. 

On the wall there was attached scarves made of those fabrics to wrap the candle of your choice, scented with the associated ingredient, as a gift of this experience! 

Our pop and vibrant décor is designed to take beautiful pictures. Share this exciting moment with the world! 

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