Cosmoprof India partners with global design agency centdegrés to create #VIBRANTINDIA, an exclusive experience to explore the opportunities of Indian beauty culture. Rich in colors and textures, Indian culture is an endless source of inspiration for beauty professionals.

Cosmoprof India and centdegrés chose to highlight the colorful Indian heritage, in order to provide visitors with food for thought about what could be the Indian beauty brands of tomorrow.

Color is celebrated in every aspect of India and its culture right from the spices to the flower markets, from the big fat Indian wedding to the painted trucks plying the roads, from the temples and festivals to the ethnic clothing.

There is no denying that India and color are synonymous and go hand in hand. Especially when looking at India from an outsiders perspective. With the #VibrantIndia color wall, centdegres wants to highlight this outsiders perspective of the heritage and richness of Indian culture through color. The value of taking inspiration from Indian culture and depicting it through well thought out and inspired Beauty Products based on one central theme: color.

#VibrantIndia is a unique industry meeting point to inspire experts with ground-breaking concepts combining tradition and modernity to transform the way they imagine the Indian beauty industry of tomorrow.

So come and discover the #VIBRANTINDIA wall of trends, the opportunities for the Beauty Industry in India and how one can incorporate the rich heritage and culture of one of the oldest civilizations into a meaningful qualitative beauty brand.

Let's unveil the inspiration behind the colors of India and discover the next frontier of Indian beauty together !

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