A contemporary trend from ancient Indian wisdom

Ayurveda, India’s traditional medicine, which has its roots 5,000 years ago, focuses on the restoration and maintenance of man’s balance. The body reveals a state of physical and mental health: two essential aspects of this ancient philosophy of life.
For this re-balance approach to be complete and targeted, physical treatments are provided with personalized medicated oils and nourishing and detoxifying functions for body and mind, sometimes accompanied by medical therapy.

Speaking of beauty, Ayurveda starts from an exact and privileged observation point, paying particular attention to the skin as a real mirror; its colour, radiance, and luminosity are expressions of the general state of health, with the mind expressing harmony or imbalance without mediation.
In this broad concept of wellbeing, the body acquires the role of a personal “Temple”; taking care of it therefore becomes a real ritual to be dedicated to even in the privacy of your home, responding to a now overt need, especially in times of pandemic.

By understanding the added value of this holistic approach to beauty, alongside the more historic brands that have sprung up for decades, we are witnessing an increase in new lines that draw inspiration from this ancient science, starting from the study of ingredients and formulations used in traditional recipes. Natural compositions are based on plants, fruits, and spices with therapeutic qualities.

SkincareHaircareMake-up & Toiletries are based on vegetable oils and clarified butter, combined with plants and fruits, for the wellbeing of your skin and hair. Scented waters with flowers and spices match with a packaging with colours that reflect its motherland, in a mix that can also satisfy the sensory aspect.

The Ayurveda market boasts rapidly growing numbers with an annual growth rate of 16%. This worldwide success is undoubtedly linked to an ever greater awareness of the consumer in search of natural ingredients, which has long since shifted the focus towards a concept of beauty linked to wellbeing on a broader spectrum and the spread of this medicine related philosophy.
Ingredients such as turmeric, a precious anti-inflammatory, neem, antiseptic ally for impure skin, fenugreek, and amla for hair nourishment, are becoming increasingly common outside the Indian subcontinent.

In a global context increasingly in search of a recovery of the body-mind balance, which turns towards minimalist cosmetics, Āyurveda can respond to these needs in a marriage in which tradition supports innovation, thus revealing itself today more than never modern.

Are we witnessing the rise of I-Beauty?

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