A new generation is leading the change

India is the second-largest population globally and one of the youngest, too, with 600 million youths under 24-years aged. Younger generations are radically transforming their country: they have a higher level of scholarship, they can access better economic conditions, and the latest digital tools help them receiving updates from all over the world.
Such a brand-new approach is influencing beauty rituals, too. A recent report by The Indian Express, published in December 2020, highlighted this sharp transformation. Until a few years ago, beauty treatments were based on basic rituals, the same for everyone, with do-it-yourself mixtures made of traditional ingredients with doubtful effects. Old stereotypes ruled the game, and everyone had to stick to them: any peculiarity was conceived as a fault. Millennials and younger generations rebel against this approach: they are more self-conscious and prouder of their uniqueness. Therefore, they do not want to customize to old claims, but on the contrary, they want to highlight their individuality. They look for personalized solutions to enhance their unique features and pay more attention to their skin’s health and protection.

This trend has been accelerated during the pandemic: with travel restrictions and social distancing, people were forced to remain at home, and the time they spent on the web and using their digital tools increased exponentially. From their rooms, they could get informed about recent trends from abroad, new ingredients and products, and innovative treatments and devices.
They interacted with global influencers and opinion leaders from their social media accounts, looking for tailor-made solutions for every skin needs.
E-commerce played a crucial role in such a revolution, too, making it possible to reach brands from all over the world, and testing avant-garde clinical skincare solutions.

As a result, clinical beauty products have become part of the daily routine.

But does it mean that DIY and traditional beauty treatments are disappearing? Not at all!

The growing concern about sustainability is giving new chances to Ayurveda and its natural approach.

At the same time, Indian consumers are returning to traditional beauty rituals as a defence against the global uncertainty of the latest months. The sense of safety and protection that these rituals can provide is a relief for stressed and unsure souls and a way to reconnect with ancestors and their resilience.

Beauty still remains a deep value in India. This impactful transformation will find its balance in a new attitude towards personal care, melting a familiar approach to ingredients with a sophisticated touch.

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