The most popular beauty influencers join the show to promote innovative and trendy products of exhibitors, and share their favorite picks with their global community. 


Lifestyle content creator and digital marketer, AashnaMalani has been sharing her personal style, beauty, food, fashion and travel tales with her audience of over 2.5 Million across social media since the age of 16. With her candid bright feed, she gives inspiration to millions through her journey and motivates them to be the best version of themselves.

Awarded several accolades over time, most recently recognised as a Cultural Ambassador of India ’22 by the Government, she has been sharing her roots with the world and speaking up about social issues close to her heart.


Dimpi Sanghvi, is a lifestyle & beauty influencer. She switched her profession from being an MBA in finance to pursuing her passion and influencing her audiences choices. Dimpi has worked with multiple luxury brands during her journey and continues to do so, everyday.


A digital content creator, Somya Gupta ana TheSassThing has a following of over 870K on Instagram and more than 400K on YouTube. She is primarily a lifestyle influencer who educates and informs her audience about beauty, skincare, fashion products and trends.She works with the big beauty leagues in the digital industry.

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